November 30, 2009

Free Tip of the Day - Alt-Tab

Ever wonder how to switch between programs and windows quickly? Here's a quick tip to help you switch between windows like a pro.

Press and hold the ALT key and press TAB to cycle through the different windows and programs that you have opened. This works for XP, Vista and 7.

Advance tip: (This works for Vista and 7 if your video card supports this feature)
Instead of holding the ALT key, try pressing and holding the Windows Key and TAB!

November 29, 2009

Free Tip of the Day - Windows Key

Here's my tip of the day for you. This works in XP, Vista and 7. The Windows key is now an addition to most keyboards sold today. The key can be found on the bottom left hand corner of your keyboard, usually by the CTRL and the ALT keys. It will look like a the Microsoft Windows Logo (See Image)

Here are some useful shortcuts that uses this Windows Key:

Windows Key + D shows your desktop
Windows Key + L locks your computer (works best when you have a password)
Windows Key + E will open windows explorer for your files

November 28, 2009

Then I Twitted....

Since I will be trying my best to keep this blog running (if there are actual followers), I'll be trying this Twitter thing out. What is a TechSavvy guy if he doesn't blog AND twit right?

Follow me at @getitfix :)

Request for Tech Tips (for free?)

I am now taking requests for technical how to's and tips. If there are some simple questions or how to's you would like to know, please post them as a reply to this post. I'll try my best to get back to you in a timely manner.

Great Antivirus and Tools for Malware

As a technology support person, I am often faced with infected computers, or computers that are plagued by popups and annoying ads. Most of the time, these viruses and malware enter your computer through programs and downloads that aren't dangerous to begin with. What those little programs do fetch those malware programs and allow them be saved and installed on your computer. Most often your viruses or popups return is because those hidden files are still around and is not detected by your Antivirus or cleaning program.

I've tried many tools and cleaning methods throughout the years, and nothing cleans better than starting with a manual delete of malicious files. Unfortunately, it does take someone with a good few years of technical experience to do this safely without removing critical system files, and rendering your computer useless.

Below are some great tools for you to start cleaning your system of these Virus and Malware. These are tools that I use myself and trust.

Kaspersky Antivirus -
Not only a great Antivirus product, but this program is able to detect majority of Malwares as well. I recommend this over McAfee, Norton, Symantec, Avast, AVG and products alike.

ComboFix -
A great free tool that will help clean your computer of those annoying Malware bugs that plaster you with ads. Best ran in safemode. This tool will search out all the possible infection areas where those nasty Malware will hide and prevent them from coming back.

With a combination of the two above tools. It will aid you in cleaning your infected computer. 99% effective if done correctly :)

Some Deals around town (Nov 28)

I often look at flyers and websites for local electronics and computer stores and keep an eye on some good deals and prices. I'll start listing some items here for reference.

$39.99 PS3 and XBOX360 Games!

32" LCD TVs for the bedroom or as an extra TV, Why Not at this price?